Solve coding tasks. Get great programming jobs.

Guaranteed interviews with 3 startups once you prove your skills.

How does it work?

Our process is simple but comprehensive, and you can complete the task in ~4-6 hours.

  • 1. Sign up and provide your programming history. Takes ~5 minutes.

  • 2. Solve real-world programming tasks. It should only take you ~4-6 hours to solve.

  • 3. Attend a pair programming session with a senior developer. ~30-45 minutes one on one with a professional programmer.

  • 4. Once you qualify, skip the line & get guaranteed 3 interviews with Indian startups. Within 2 months of qualifying.

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"JavaScript Full Stack Web Developer" is our first job role for you.

A full stack web developer is a generalist who works on both the backend and the frontend of a web app. Requires good knowledge of (or willingness to learn) a server-side framework like Express and Node.js and client-side frameworks like React or Vue.js.

These are not your typical campus placements.

The Hackकर team has placed candidates in startups like Freshworks, Freecharge, Tally, Ola, Citrus Pay, and many more. We're continuously working with more startups every day. If you get selected, we guarantee at least 3 interviews from our partner companies.

Programmers working in real companies do not compete with each other. They work together to solve complex problems. This is why I’m excited about Hackकर: it’s not competitive coding, but solving a real world task & getting feedback from senior engineers. I’m definitely looking forward to hire the candidates from Hackकर!

Kapil Mohan

Previously Technical Architect at LinkedIn SlideShare
Every line of code you write through Hackकर will be reviewed by a senior programmer. I think this is an invaluable value-add for both companies & candidates. I’m definitely looking forward to hire candidates from Hackकर.

Lalit Patel

Founder, Bash Gaming
Hackकर gives you detailed feedback on code the way we do code reviews at our startup. I think it’s an excellent practice. Hire the same way you code everyday! I’m definitely looking forward to hire candidates from Hackकर.

Anoop Sankar

Chief Technology Officer, Chillr

Get Detailed Feedback on Submissions

An experienced engineer evaluates your task, not a computer. And you get detailed written feedback on your tasks.

Unit Tests are Bundled

All our tasks come with easy to run unit tests. Just run `npm run test` and you can be sure that your solution is correct!

Takes 4-6 Hours

Our tasks are designed not to take too much of your time. Perhaps 4-6 hours in total. You can easily learn what you don't know and still complete the tasks.

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What do you pay?

0 fees upfront.

Success Fee
10% of CTC only for Year 1
  • Based on Total Cost to Company for Year 1.
  • Pay in 6 monthly instalments.
  • Start paying only after you join the company.

The Hackकर Evaluation Team

Your code will be evaluated & scored by senior programmers, just like in a real interview.

Vishnu Gopal

Over 15 years of backend development experience.

Vishnu wrote the first line of code for the project that eventually became LinkedIn SlideShare. He's been a professional programmer and an engineering lead for over 10 years. He currently finds OCaml-inspired languages fascinating, and is learning ReasonML and Swift.

Hari Gopal

Over 9 years of full stack web development experience.

Hari Gopal has been a professional programmer since 2009, and he has worked on a variety of products using a range of programming languages, including PHP, Python, Java, Ruby, and Javascript. He's currently building an open source password management tool called Turaku.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find your question here? Please email [email protected]

You always can :) However, HR teams at these startups get hundreds of resumes every day. Weeding out the best among them can be a hard task, and it's easy to miss out. When you apply through us, we will: 1) vet you through peer programming with an expert 2) guarantee 3 interviews with Indian startups, and 3) ensure that you receive the best salary grade possible for your skill level.

We have placed candidates in startups such as Freshworks, Freecharge, Tally, Ola, Citrus Pay, and many more. Once you qualify, we guarantee at least 3 interviews from our partner companies.

You sign up and provide your programming track record. Then you complete a series of tasks. Once you do, we connect you to a senior programmer so you can do a live pairing session. If you clear these rounds, we connect you to direct interviews with our partner startups.

We don't rely on the cut-off marks/CGPA to measure your programming skills. Everyone who can write code can apply, even with back papers.

We evaluate submissions based on attention to detail, code quality, and maintainability. You'll receive written detailed feedback within 3 working days once you submit a task. Based on the feedback, you can always resubmit to improve your submissions.

Submissions and signups are currently closed. Check back later for updates.

We're software engineers with over 10 years of programming experience in the Indian startup industry. Here are some of our Github IDs: vishnugopal, harigopal, ajaleelp, mahesh-krishnakumar, bodhish

Signups are currently closed.

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